Fort Smith Advantage


A GREAT PLACE TO FLY The Ebbing Air National Guard Base is uniquely equipped to handle the FMS F-35s. Its unrivaled bombing range, airspace, hangars, maintenance bays, ramp space, airfield, and united community support make it an ideal, cost-effective long-term home for F-35s. WHY FSM? PREMIER AIRSPACE Centrally located airspace presents outstanding joint training opportunities with SOF exercises, F-16s in Tulsa, B-52s in Barksdale, Whiteman A-10s, F-18 Hornets from Fort Worth, and the Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center. Large Airspace In Middle America Central location offers joint training opportunities Only 4.1NM From The End Of Our Runway Short distance to and from the training area means more time to train. Closest In The ANG To A Primary Class A Range Fuel and training savings for our FMS partners Great Flying Weather Warm climate with ideal flying conditions year-round. We average 317 days a year with better than 3,000 ft ceilings and 3NM visibility Cost Of Living 20% Less Than National Average OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SUPPORT On August 6th 2020 a Times Record Facebook poll showed 93% in favor of having Fort Smith serve as the fighter jet training site.

OKLAHOMA BENTONVILLE FAYETTEVILLE Tulsa F-16 Air National Guard VAN BUREN LITTLE ROCK FORT SMITH GREENWOOD 4 MILES To Controlled Airspace Average Number Of Days Better Than 3,000 Ft Ceilings & 3NM Visibility 317 DAYS ARKANSAS AR LITTLE ROCK 2 H 20 MIN (162.9 MI) 18 MIN FLIGHT OK TULSA 1 H 30 MIN (121.3 MI) 14 MIN FLIGHT TX DALLAS 4 H 21 MIN (267.1 MI) 29 MIN FLIGHT CURRENT AIRSPACE Oklahoma City Dallas Memphis Kayaking, Mountain Bike Trails, Casino’s & Museums KLRF KLIT KFSM HOG A/B MOA ATCAA: FL180-FL290 with coordination can request up to FL500 SHIRLEY A/B/C: 11,000’-17,999’ MSL ATCAA: FL180-FL290 with coordination can request up to FL500 HOG A/B: 100’ AGL-17,999’ MSL SHIRLEY MOA KXNA KTUL TULSA

48 AIRCRAFT C A P A C I T Y The 188th Wing is a former fighter wing (F-16 & A-10) with existing facilities. Dedicated ramp space, hangar bays, and office space ready to go. 672,867 SQ FT of Ramp Space Ramp space for Forty-Eight Aircraft 60,514 SQ FT Main Hangar Office area plus enough space for Eight F-35s inside the hangar PREMIER AIR-TO-GROUND RANGE Razorback Range can 100% support FMS and F-16 training. Our range is certified for laser-guided bombs, training munitions, precision-guided munitions, and strafe. We also provide an in-house JTAC for close air support. Class A full service range On site JTAC for realistic close air support Surface to 30,000 ft airspace with fully scorable target areas Ability to drop 500lb & 2000lb (inert) laser-guided and precision-guided munitions EBBING AIR NATIONAL GUARD WELCOME TO THE 188TH WING MOVE IN READY FACILITIES

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In Arkansas, families can enroll their children on receipt of assignment notice. HIGHER EDUCATION E L E M E N TA RY S C HOO L S M I D D L E S C HOO L S J U N I O R H I G H S C HOO L S S E N I O R H I G H S C HOO L S P R I VAT E S C HOO L S 27 3 5 4 9 AC A D E M I E S 4 EDUCATION FACT CHECK FORTSMITHF35.COM D I F F E R E N T LANGUAGES SPOKEN 87 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS SCHOOLS HAVE MORE THAN COUNTRIES REPRESENTED 90 & QUALITY SCHOOLS BY THE US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT N O R T HWE S T A R K A N S A S HIGH SCHOOLS RANKED IN THE TOP 10% 7 Area Public School Rating Score (State Accountability: A-F Letter Grade) "A" RATED EIGHT "B" RATED SIXTEEN Arkansas has been a proud member of the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) since 2013 and Arkansas strives to lead the nation in support of military families. Unlike any other state, Arkansas has Military Education Coordinators appointed in school districts with more than 20 military- connected students to assist with transitions. FORT SMITH · GREENWOOD · VAN BUREN

C H I L D C A R E 81 Options for Pre-School 6 Weeks - 5 Years of Age H E A LT H C A R E 5 Hospitals and 23 Clinics Meeting All Health Care Needs R E L I G I OU S C E N T E R S 12 Different Denominations and Faiths Represented ONE REGION. INFINITE OPPORTUNITY ARKANSAS Population 3.018 million NORTHWEST REGION Population 831,446 FORT SMITH Population 87,845 in Cheapest Places to Live 4th in Best Places to Live 4th in Best Places to Live for Quality of Life 12th in Fastest Growing Places 15th in Safest Places to Live 20th Among noteworthy lauds in the late 2019 and early 2020 include Northwest Arkansas rankings from U.S. News & World Report, The Milken Institute, Places for Bikes, Matador Network and Money Magazine. In 2020, U.S. News and World Report ranked Northwest Arkansas EMPLOYMENT Arkansas is in the top 5 states in the country for immediate transfer of occupational licensure for all members of active military and their spouses. M E D I A N R E N T : $ 7 0 0 M E D I A N HOM E CO S T : $ 1 1 0 , 3 0 0 HOUSING